AllianceĀ is Somali based consultancy firm that was established in 2016 with the primary objective of increasing access to quality health care services and products and contributing towards achieving universal health coverage.

We offer consultancy services ranging from Public health, Private health sector development, health sector policy, public-private partnerships in health and development, healthcare supply chain services, health financing, health system strengthening, health system assessments, and health sector leadership, governance, and management with expertise drawn from a diverse background of experienced high quality and qualified consultants and partners.

Our partners include international development partners, public health agencies, commercial entities, NGOs, academic institutions, Government agencies in Somalia and Eastern Africa, and private consultancy agencies in Africa.

Our experts bring in local and global expertise from many years of work in different countries to the local partnerships we engage in while helping to develop sustainable business models by putting ideas into action through strategic thinking and the provision of advisory services.

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